Worlds of Music

                                 is an organization that brings varied cultural experiences, mostly through the vehicle of music, to the people of rural Wyoming. Programs all have public components. We usually include the schools and the senior center as well as other public spaces.


Worlds Of Music


​​The mission of the Worlds of Music Foundation is to promote community development through awareness of and participation in projects involving the arts and humanities, with particular attention given to music. The Foundation seeks to recognize and honor the power of human thought and creativity as vehicles for individual and collective growth. Moreover, we seek to show the variety of artistic and humanistic responses people have made to their environments and times worldwide.

The Foundation will carry out its mission through organizing and promoting:

• performances and exhibitions;

• lectures, demonstrations, panel discussions, and forums;

• workshops and other ongoing educational programs;

• other programs emphasizing the breadth of human aspiration and accomplishment in the arts and humanities.